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Email marketing is here to stay.

With so much attention given to posting on social media and other means of reaching out through online marketing, business owners frequently ask us if it is still worth sending emails. Undeniably, email marketing is here to stay and we’ll tell you why.

The Statistics:

Around 74 trillion emails are sent every year.
That number is expected to increase by 28% annually.
In the U.S., over 90% of adults (in all age groups) use email.
74% of teenagers use email.
95% of professionals use email for business communications.
The ROI of email marketing is 28.5% better than direct mail.
66% of subscribers make purchases based on an email message compared with 20% through Facebook.

People check their emails on their computers and their mobile devices. The largest number uses the iOS mail client, either on their iPhones or their iPads.

The average deliverability rate is 98%, which says most of the emails you send are being received. (This is not to say they are being opened – that’s a whole other topic.)

Key takeaways:

Your target audience uses emails, regardless of their age or geographical location.
Your email messages must look good on any device.
Sales through email is over triple that of sales through social media.

According to the statistics, email marketing is one of the most important components in your sales funnel. Later we will discuss how to ensure that people open your messages and take action.

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