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Clean first…then disinfect. Virus safety starts with cleanliness.

We are all concerned about the potential for a contagious virus to infiltrate our homes or workplaces. The CDC has set out guidelines to help reduce the possibility of unwanted intruders, such as COVID-19 from entering our spaces. It begins with maintaining a clean environment. You know this, but do your customers?

Disinfectants are necessary, but first all surfaces must be very clean. As a professional cleaning service, you are required to comply with specific industry standards for the health and safety of your customers.

You have an opportunity now to assure your customers that your cleaning methods are above and beyond what is normally available to the public.

This is the perfect time to gain new customers.

It’s time to show up stronger than ever in your local community. Maybe you have already been marketing your cleaning business, so you are familiar with letting consumers know you exist! It takes putting a lot of valuable information in front of people where they are looking – in most cases on social media apps.

The E.A.T. formula for marketing your cleaning business.

Let’s face it. You have a lot of competition online, but the Internet is where the majority of consumers make their purchasing decisions. To stand out from your competitors requires a constant stream of information about your services. It is essential that you are positioned as the trusted authority with the expertise to get the job done right. When creating your content, we use the E.A.T. formula:

Expertise –  We take the time to build a marketing strategy that exceeds the expectations of the searcher. The goal is content 10X more educational, inspirational, or entertaining than the others competing for cleaning contracts.

Authority – We implement in-depth sharing on social media, building your brand to encourage branded search. When a person in your service area considers having their home or office cleaned professionally, your company should be the first that comes to mind.

Trustworthiness – We make it a point for your customers to have a sense of personal connection with your company. Building a trusted relationship means your customers will remain loyal and they will refer others to you.

Get started today.

I believe that as a provider of professional cleaning services, you play a vitally important role in managing virus safety. Even more important is educating the public and from there, to gain new customers. We offer a series of marketing plans that will significantly increase your visibility to your community:

  • video
  • social media
  • blogging
  • local search
  • keyword optimization

To get started, contact me today to determine the best options for marketing your cleaning company.

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