What do you really want your brand to accomplish?

We have been providing branding consultations and recommendations for business growth for over 20 years. It is a natural thing for us to ask, “What would you really like to have happen as a result of being in business?” We dream right along with you and open new horizons you may never have thought to reach.
One of our favorite case studies is the story of Jack Miller. Local genius, naturopathic practitioner, admitted that marketing was just not his thing. Nor was describing what he does. What he knows is what therapies and protocols have helped people to get the level of health they want. Through the years, we have created his logo, his personal brand, a private doctor patient network, increased his business 300% and more, and made him a celebrity in the field of Lyme Disease.

Branded Business Cards and Magazine Covers


Sample Logos

Logos are a small, but important part of a company’s brand. But in that small design, your qualities, what people get, the audience you are talking to, and your own personal design and color preferences are reflected. The logos below were designed for companies that wanted to stand out and be known for creativity, excellence, and the highest degree of professionalism.

Small Business Branding

Working with small businesses is very rewarding. One owner came to us to make him more visible to vacation and tourist traffic, so that he could raise his occupancy rate in his RV resort. Now, he is always fully booked. We started with his logo, colors, and dreams. We developed his brand of adventure, home away from home, cleanliness, and the center of awesome, world class attractions. His business card, website, rack card, and social media marketing took his business to heights he had only previously hoped for.


Authors, corporations, artists, professionals, and individuals all have a message. We at HiT have always seen our role as a marketing consultancy firm specializing in Internet technology to make that brand, your genius, visible to your preferred audience. 


We ignite your genius with digital wildfire.


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