Here is an astounding statistic:

76% of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad spend fails to produce a single conversion.

We know why.


Technology does what you ask it to. Even AI is programmed to respond to a series of commands. It will communicate to your target market and collect data for you, but what are YOU telling the online marketing technology, like PPC, you want? Knowing what you want and programming your website to deliver that has a 95% conversion rate. The epic fail in PPC ad spend is the lack of knowing your audience, what they are looking for, and the lack of analysis.

The heart and soul of marketing, Marketing 101, is us, we humans, who have a product and/or service and a desire to exchange it with our buying audience. When we know we are talking to the person who needs what we have, conversion happens. Technology gives us tools to better refine our knowledge of our market and reach more people to talk to.


Marketing Technology 101 that converts 95%:

  1. Who buys from you and what do you know about them?
  2. What keyword phrases are they using to find the products and services you offer?
  3. Do you track your online marketing campaigns? Just because a keyword looks great does not mean it converts great. It will give you information you can use to refine your campaigns.
  4. Organic search still converts better. Everyone knows that you paid Google to show up in PPC ads. Unique, organic, and authoritative content that talks to your buying target market on a repeat basis converts.

95% of the traffic that comes to our clients stays, returns, and takes the sales call to action. This is a 5% bounce (only 5% leave) rate with a 300% business growth.

You can have this growth too.

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