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These three common elements in blogs, all business copywriting for that matter, inspire confidence in your reader. This leads to sales, when you do it right:

  1. Understanding your customer’s problem. Listen first…
  2. Providing your businesses’ solution. Make it simple…
  3. Defining the outcome – both in results and emotion. What do they get…


Your job as a business is to listen to what your client wants and take care of them in the best possible way. Use what you have learned and show the reader you understand their point of view, their pain. Describe their challenges. Use emotions when possible. You can also imply you know their problem by stating the opposite or resolution. (If you don’t know their pain, you need to ask them!)


This is where you get to state your products, services and their features. It’s also where you may end up including relevant keywords (but don’t force it). Be simple, clear, and use pictures to illustrate. It is critical here that you give enough information for them to feel compelled to buy and/or call you.


This is the differentiation in a good versus great article. Show the reader the result of your solution. What do things look like and how will they feel? The most compelling outcomes include emotion. Showing your customers that you care encourages their loyalty.


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