Online information about you can drive more business!

Today’s word of mouth happens online…

… and in this age of online reputation management, distributing good content is critical to eliminating bad content. How you look online is directly linked to the content that you put out there, on your website, through blogging and social media, and of course Google search results.

LinkedIn’s 2014 Technology Marketing Community report said that the top three things that make content effective are audience relevance, engaging storytelling, and writing that inspires action. Putting time and energy into trying to remove negative PR is expensive and exhausting, if even possible. The key is to push out quality content to capture customer attention and keep your brand image positive and relevant.

Content on Google converts at a rate 860% higher…

Digital marketing has changed in these last 6 months. There is much more to converting your target market audience than click-through rates, case studies, infographics, and portfolios. Consistent, high quality, and unique content showing up at the top of Google converts at a rate of 860% higher than direct mail or print, beating social media by more than 300%.

Who has the time and resources to push out this content – on a regular basis if not multiple times per day? We do. That’s why we are here. With over 20 years of success in delivering high quality, unique and relevant content for our customers, we have the ability to write your content – as specialized, technical, and personal as your business is.

Contact us and ask how we can help you look better online – ask what we can do for you!

Here’s to more business for you!