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Trend zero-visibility, is essential no matter what year it is – that’s what digital marketing is all about. Search engine optimization gets you in front of your customer, making you visible.

One of the top trends motivating 2017 marketing efforts is greater focus on how the customer relates to your business.

  • How do they perceive your business? You have to speak their language to connect and engage their interest.
  • Is your business formal or friendly, intellectual or folksy?
  • Does all your marketing reflect this?

Another trend is personalization. If your product can’t be personalized, make the buying experience personal to each customer. It’s great to have a personal shopper. They know what you like, and show you more of what you like, in your size! They coordinate outfits, organize your home, make your life easier, and save you time. Mobile apps make the shopping experience easy, fluid, helpful, and increase your bottom line.

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