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What is the best blog post length?

The root of outstanding blog content is simple. It’s all about serving your customers and meeting their needs. As you read through this post, you will discover that we recommend a mix…

So, how well are you serving your customer base with your content?

Ask yourself these five primary questions:

  • Who are we writing for?
  • Does our blog cover a wide range of topics?
  • Are we answering questions that potential and existing customers are asking?
  • Do our blog posts answer them in-depth?
  • Are you tantalizing them or making their decision for them?

At the same time, you also need to take a look at the quantity of the blog posts:

  • How many blog posts are we publishing each month? What is the ideal frequency or quantity?
  • How many do we need to create each year to make a significant improvement in rankings and traffic and thus make the investment worthwhile?
  • Are we selling, informing or engaging?
  • Which articles get the most engagement?

Research shows that publishing more will only increase your inbound traffic.

So quantity is clearly important. But these results don’t tell the whole story. There is more to determining the best blog post length.

The notion that writing more will boost your traffic and rankings only rings true if you don’t sacrifice quality. If you want the benefits to last in the long run, you need more than sheer numbers.

Google heavily weighs the quality of the content and how well it serves the people online. Also, Siri, Alexa and Google Home rely on Google to serve their people.

And almost all the way across the board, research shows that longer content out-performs shorter content. The reason is that long-form content tends to solve the problems of users better than short-form content.

Remember, Google wants to put content that will serve its searchers best at the top of the results. This is why AI depends on Google.

So don’t simply create as many blog posts as you can.

If you want to reap long-term benefits, then create high-quality content that is genuinely helpful to your audience. Hone in on the topic, do proprietary research and analysis, and offer exclusive information that others cannot.

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