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Sales Funnel Coffee

Online Marketing sales funnel? Sounds like a game at a carnival. But sales funnels are hardly a joke. Your sales funnel is your process by which you guide your prospects to purchase your products or services. The best businesses have websites and social media that they use as sales tools to reach and draw in prospective customers. If people are checking out your various media, its best to offer them something of value that they will appreciate. They will remember your sales funnels are priceless, a necessity in today’s world of business, and empower you to be the authority in your field. They show your creativity and vision.

Sales Funnel Interconnected

In this process, you gently entice your prospects into seeing the value in your product and what it can do for them. Their interest build naturally as they know you are there for them. You build affinity the whole time you are interacting with them, they gladly move to the next step. They are happy to take advantage of the items or gifts you are offering because it is fulfilling a need they have. The more information they get from you, the more confidence they have in you. They know you have high ethics and excellent customer service. It is the beginning of a great relationship.

Sales Funnel Affinity

Online Marketing sales funnels will vary from customer to customer because they have different needs and desires. Here are some common basics:

  • Realization of a need they have that must be taken care of. They start to see there are things to assist them.
  • They start to check out products and companies that can help them.
  • They are satisfied with their findings and are deciding which product and who to purchase it from.
  • The decision is made and they are working out the details of the deal.
  • Purchase
  • Renewal time is here. Should they renew the contract, did they get what was promised? Were they happy with it?
  • They repurchase the contract with some details expanded.


Excellent communication is a must through all phases of the sales funnel. Your relationship with your clients is a precious thing. They must know you have what they need and care about them. You are increasing your volume of customers and your cash flow from your additional sales. It all begins with your online marketing.