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Landing Page Benefits Your Business: The Sales Funnel for 2018

A landing page is a web page, but is used specifically as a component in a marketing campaign, usually as part of a sales funnel. It is also called a direct response page, a lead page or a sales page. The page may contain text, images, video and always a strong call to action.

There are only 2 actions a visitor to the page can take:

  1. Go directly to a check out to make a purchase.
  2. Enter into a sales funnel by subscribing to an email list.

Before we continue, here is a brief explanation of a sales funnel. This is a system that automates the sales process to offer additional products to the customer. Once they make the initial purchase or subscribe to receive emails they begin to receive a series of email messages encouraging them to buy more products. When the sales funnel is set up correctly it converts customers to repeat buyers and “window shoppers” into first-time buyers. This can increase your sales by as much as 60%.

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The Importance of a Landing Page

Here are the top three reasons you need one to market your business:

One. The page is designed solely for promoting a specific product or service. Everything on the page builds up excitement in your reader and impresses them with knowing your product is the solution they are seeking.

Two. The purpose this page is to convert a visitor into a “lead” or a customer. The information directs them to a form on the page with a call to action. To take the next step in acquiring the product or service they are now excited to get, they must fill out the form. Now you have their contact information for sending future messages.

Three. You can precisely track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign through your lead page. It shows you where your visitors are coming from, how long they stay on your page, and whether they follow through with your call to action (convert).

There is an art and strategy to creating the perfect landing page. It must appeal to the “buying triggers” that convert your visitor to your customer. It generates so much enthusiasm that they find it irresistible!

How Do Potential Customers Find Your Landing Page? 

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There are many ways to inspire your audience to go to your sales funnel page. It begins with a link placed inside a piece of content, such as a social media post, a blog post, an email message or some form of written material they read from you. It can also start with a paid or pay-per-click ad campaign. The initial message must be so compelling they can’t help but click on the link.

It’s important to note that this page is not a website. Your primary website provides detailed information about your company and your products. It’s the online property where you feature case studies. It provides a series of information and steps you want your visitors to take. It can accommodate multiple pathways that can be taken.

A lead page is very specific about the actions visitors can take, and limits them to carefully planned actions. The driving force behind a funnel page is lead generation or sales right now. There are no other options. It gives no links to click that takes a person away from the page in search of additional information. They either buy the product or give you their contact information.


Higher Conversions Equal Increased Sales

A great sales page contains information that influences the visitor’s decision to take immediate action. It provides easy to follow steps. It is created to support a specific marketing campaign for a product. Ultimately, your landing page sorts the serious prospects from the passersby and resulting in a much higher conversion rate.