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Use Social Media Marketing for Business Growth in 2017 and 2018

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is extensive and multifaceted. Done correctly, it can literally take an entire team of people to cover all bases. It is one of the most effective for building relationships with your potential buyer. The best marketing strategy demands time and creativity but the result is “money in your bank”.

Why is media marketing so important? There are over 2 billion people actively using social media platforms every day!

Visibility is the Key

Reaching your buying market through social media begins with establishing your own social media presence. For example:

  • Establish a Facebook business page – one of the largest social media platforms with excellent prospect targeting options.
  • Create a Twitter Account for your business, also with great prospect targeting options, and get discovered on Twitter Search.
  • Use a Google+ business page & to achieve valuable exposure on Google searches.

Determine other popular social networks that are best-suited to your business types such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. It’s all about achieving the maximum exposure for your business. FYI, keep your personal profiles separate from your business profiles.

 Use Compelling Graphics 

You will achieve the best results on your social media posts with eye-catching images that instantly grabs the attention of your audience. If viewers do not understand your message and your value within a second they are gone and onto the next promising thing that catches their eye – possibly posted by your competitors.

Your strategy must include your company brand or logo.  Unless your brand is based on you personally, use the company logo in your profile. Carry your brand identity through from your website to all your marketing profiles by using the same logo, colors, fonts and tag lines.

Keep in mind that your profile images will display diff­erently on the various social media platforms and devices on which they are being viewed. Use the correct image sizes for each social platform and position your text so that it is not truncated or obscured when viewed on a phone.

Engage Your Audience

It is of the utmost importance is to create popular social media content that engages your audience. WHY?

You must address the need of your customers first. This is accomplished by listening to their feedback and responding with care. You must inform, educate and entertain to cultivate relationships. Content sharing is the new word of mouth and a powerful social media marketing tool.

Regularly create fresh, new content that is relevant, helpful, informative and entertaining for your social audience. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel – at times it is appropriate to share popular content from other expert sources. A good strategy is to create content that socially engages needs 80% of the time and only spend 20% of your time directly promoting your product or service. Through social media marketing, your brand reaches with expanding exponentially by creating content that people share with their friends.