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Search Engine Optimization for Business


SEO, search engine optimization, works with the search engines to maximize your visibility on the web so your customers can find you. This process involves getting the search engines to publish your search results high in the different listings. Most people use Google for this. Here’s a stat. The top 5 results get 70% of the clicks. You’ve done well if your results are at the top of the list, if not, you are buried.

It is imperative that you have blogs that will assist the search engine’s algorithms to increase the ranking of your websites. Blogs are one of the most efficient ways of improving your standing with Google. With 2+ million blog posts being published every day, your blog must stand out to be visible. Competition is fierce in a world where 90% of online experience begins with a search engine. This can make the difference between domination or decimation for your business.


Excellent SEO

For excellent optimization, you must:

  1. Have exceptional content. Fresh, clear, and simply stated content is the way to go. Post this on a frequent basis.
  2. The quality of this content must be unquestionable. You must be the authority and share your knowledge with your readers.
  3. People search for the information or the service/product using specific words. These are called keywords. Good content must be written with these keywords in mind so it is clear.

In Search Engine Optimization, your content marketing strategy is unique to your business because your information is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of your customers. What challenges do your customers have that you can solve? What makes your product or service the best solution? What process does your consumer audience use to make purchases? How can your content engage and re-engage customers throughout the process, leading them through your sales funnel? How will your content align with your brand and values? How can you tell your story in such a way that inspires consumers to develop their loyalty?


Your Content and SEO

Your content represents your values and your mission. It reveals your core identity. It takes you across the threshold between the unknown and the known. It appears on your website, in your search engine optimization, your public relations strategies, your social media marketing, your sales funnels and all communications with the public. It is the key to driving inbound leads and sales. Content marketing is the heart of every marketing effort you will ever make. It is critical that your blogs and website give your consumers enough information to satisfy their need to know you, know your product, and feel comfortable using your services. They reach you through the search engines.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Again, it is mission critical to get consumers back to your website, your greatest friend and salesperson. To get people back to your website, you must include keywords in your blogs that will point them back to your website. Also include links to automatically transport them to the portion of your website that pertains to the information they are researching.

Search Engine Optimization helps your website work with Google’s and other company’s search engine algorithms. People will only part with their money when they know you are an authority, and… Google will only put your website on the first page of a search when it recognizes it as the authority on the subject matter. In today’s world of business, SEO is KING.