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Make Your Website Design Stand Out in 2017/2018


Website Design

Your website design creates your online business presence. It is important how you present to the world your products and services in their best light, and motivates customers’ interactions. Customers are more likely to buy when they trust a brand. Studies show that visitors are more turned off by design elements than by actual content on a website. 

Your company website is the digital face of your business to the world. It is our digital thumb print, always at work as your virtual sales force. Good design makes your site easy to use on any device. It clearly conveys all that is needed to convince customers your services are the best solution to their problems, needs, and wants.

“But I already have my website” 

Just as your buildings need repainting to look fresh, websites need updating to look current. If your website design looks like it was designed in the last century, customers may think you pay as little attention to your customers as you do to your website, and move on to your competitors. Make your site stand out on any device, easy to use and inspire traffic and conversions. Your website is where your potential clients find the most important information about your products and services. Where they convert from a visitor to customer.

The web design must convey your brand image to your target audience through words, pictures, and design elements. Converting your visitors into buyers. Your website is your digital sales force working for you 24/7 year-round. It never sleeps.

Here’s where the internet has grown:

  • There are now 3.74 billion Internet users in the world as at March 2017.
  • This is compared to 3.26 billion Internet users in 2016.
  • Over 2 million blog posts are published on the Internet every day.
  • Over 5.5 billion Google searches are made every day.

Your digital presence is now visible all over the world, customers and visitors alike now know you and what you can do for them. They want to do business with you. Why? Because of the website design, you chose that catches their attention.