Kingman Merchants Mall Is Our Local Kingman Business Directory

Kingman Merchants MallKingman Merchants Mall is a great way for businesses in Kingman, Arizona and surrounding cities to gain online marketing exposure. Visit or and you will find Kingman AZ businesses.

Your Kingman Merchants Mall Listing

Works Like a Supercharged Mini One-Page Website

Business Directory Listings on Kingman Merchants Mall are searchable content. People may not know the name of your business, but they do know what they want. They put your products and services into Google’s search bar. Unlike advertising online, your page is made of content that is searchable – and your listing gets found, with less effort than daily Facebook postings!

  • Bigger than other local print or online options.
  • More affordable listing than other local print or online options.
  • Search engine optimized for keywords that bring you customers.
  • When they don’t know your company name, you are found online.
  • Filled with pictures that show off your company, and products or services.
  • We write content that connects with your customers, and it is optimized for search engines.
  • It is seen by an average of 3500 viewers a month.
  • Online since 2010, so highly ranked by search engines.
  • It’s can be your first step to a website by adding a domain name linked to it.
  • Add buy buttons so it can function as an online store.

Kingman Merchants Mall

Your Kingman Merchants Mall Listing is Bigger than Ads

We give you room to tell your story. Whether you want to promote your Kingman AZ business on Historical Route 66 or in the surrounding Mohave County, this business directory listing gives you space to express yourself. Like the Energizer Bunny, your listing keeps going, and going.

Kingman Merchants MallOn the desktop site, your page is roughly 2/3 of the screen width. And about SIX times longer. The space is between 50 and 150 times bigger than other online local advertising.

As you can see, your page is MUCH larger than any other local online options!

Online Advertising is Only a Picture

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, Google only searches and finds pictures by the name of the picture. So, your tiny online ad may be on 70 cross-linked websites, but it’s only an ad. It most likely won’t show up in search engine results. And people often ignore ads.

Your listings are:

  • Found by search engines
  • Less effort – One time vs. daily Facebook posting
  • More content than any ad you can buy

Kingman Merchants Mall Averages 3500 Visitors a MonthKingman Merchants Mall

Those visitors will be coming in from Google, directly to your page, based on your keywords. So, use that space to make them an offer they can’t refuse! Add in a coupon code for the offer and you can track your results. Sell the sizzle of your business!

Your page is also listed in 3 categories of business to increase your exposure. As a welcome to the Kingman Merchants Mall, we increase your reach by sharing your page to our social media network in Mohave County. Throughout your year of listing, we rotate through categories to focus on these business categories, sharing them out to our network. Every year when you renew, we do another focused sharing of just your Kingman AZ business to Mohave County.

Kingman Merchants Mall is the Beginning of Your Online Presence

  • You can purchase a domain name and point it to your page.
  • Have two pages to focus on two aspects of your business products or services.
  • Add PayPal buttons to sell items
  • Add in Monthly Marketing programs and we will increase your reach by sharing your page to our network in Mohave County.

Cupcakes by Jan has grown from being the only one baking to needing to hire extra employees to keep up with demand. She has been found online by customers as far away as Washington, D.C. who ordered a shipment of cupcakes.

Zuni Village RV Park has grown from a Kingman Merchants Mall listing to a full website that features them as the go-to RV camping location for area tourism, leading to them being fully booked and even turning business away to other local facilities.

Call 888 448-2932 now to promote your Kingman AZ business with the Kingman business directory, the Kingman Merchants Mall.


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