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Internet Marketing

Get the word out – Talk to your market anywhere in the world, anytime, on any device connected to the Internet.

Internet Marketing

Over 85% of searches for products and services happen online, so the way to reach your target market, engage them, and sell is through Internet marketing.

Customers are a valuable resource. Depending on the industry or market sector of your customers, the cost of getting a new one can be anywhere from 3 to 30 higher than keeping one. The lifetime value of a customer includes everything they will ever buy from you. According to one source, repeat customers spend, on average, 67% more.

Internet marketing connects you to potential and existing customers to increase your bottom line.

Social Media Network

Your social media network gives your business multiple locations on the Internet. It’s like having an office or storefront on every busy street corner.

Picture your website as the “central hub” of a wheel and your blog/social media as “spokes” around the wheel. Each spoke of the wheel is an avenue for sending people to your website. We call it your “Social Media Network”.

To build the network, you need: (1), a group of social media accounts for your business and (2), specific software (called “plugins”) on your website that link your social media accounts to your website.

Social media network
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Twitter Page
  • Google Plus
  • WordPress Social Blog
  • Instagram Page
  • Pinterest Page
  • Rich Snippets


Social Media Marketing

Engage your customers where they are – social media. This is word of mouth marketing that keeps on talking, and is shared round the world.

20% of your customers bring you 80% of your revenue.

Know your customers’ particular needs, today and tomorrow, by staying in communication with them. Your customers are on social media sites. Social media marketing connects you with them and others like them, increases the relevance of your website, and encourages engaging conversations about your business and your products.

social media marketing

Email Marketing

Get website visitors enrolled and keep subscribers engaged with interesting, relevant, useful information connected to your brand. Engaged readers reciprocate with purchases.

Email marketing

From first contact through several purchases, email marketing make customers feel engaged and have a personal connection to your company. They create loyalty which leads customers to become brand ambassadors.

Email marketing is a necessary part of the sales cycle for all customer types.

  • Inquisitive potential customers who are hesitant to purchase can be converted to buyers through educational emails.
  • One-time or infrequent customers can be enticed to purchase again.
  • Frequent buyers can be rewarded with special offers to keep them engaged and spreading the word.