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When Neel Patel, owner of India Spice N Bar spoke with us about building a site with mobile friendly website design, we were ecstatic. You see, we had to try out his products to get the right “flavor” for the design. The lengthy menu for the Indian food restaurant created a challenge for mobile users. Who wants to scroll for miles to get the bottom of the page? We solved that by hyperlinking the top navigation bar to sections on the same page. Now it’s a snap to get around the page with minimal scrolling. Super user friendly!

This website gave us the opportunity to connect the restaurant with Yelp’s EAT 24 app which allows customers to order online for delivery. HiTWeb and HiTCreative services were employed to create an irresistible, mouthwatering experience. You should also know we designed the restaurant’s print version menu.

Go here to see the website: