Responsive Web Design for Architects

The owners of Freeman Schroeder Architects, Ira Freeman and Sheldon Schroeder, Fresch Architects, wanted a new website. Realizing that their greatness as architects and designers had not translated to their website, they sought out experts. They recognized that even though they do a lot of business through referrals, every referral potential first looks them up online. Fresch Architects need responsive web design that is easy to navigate. Their website now represents the clean, simple, and authoritative style of their design. As soon as you land on their website, you know they are on top of their profession. Websites for Architects are highly visual and represent the quality of their design and work.

Ira and Sheldon were delighted with the ability to partner with us in the responsive design of their website. The owners told us exactly what they wanted. They gave us the color theme, amount of text, placement of text, and navigation. They prioritized the images for the impact of their work in the slider and portfolio for their website. … And we gave them what they wanted. Our more than 20 years of expertise in design and development of websites created the perfect partnership. We assisted them to choose the layout and images for the greatest impact in their overall objective. Now, the quality and scope of their architectural design and planning is clearly portrayed in their website.

Responsive web design for architects focuses on the ability of the images to translate well to mobile devices. As professionals meet and greet powerful contacts, they want to validate them right then and their. Cell phones are personal assistants and they are the norm in networking. It is important to us that our clients look good at all times.

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