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Website Design for 2019

This second in our series of articles about website trends for 2019, addresses the fact that with 2019 being the year of speed, website design is impacted just as much as it’s functionality. As we mentioned, your audience is gone in 3 seconds if they don’t have what they want in their hands, now.

Two years ago, we began seeing much simpler layouts, in response to mobile Internet access superseding desktop. This meant less use of sliders, information easy to understand on a small screen, and a simpler navigation that avoided heavy scripts making websites think a lot to deliver the content. Rather than cramming the site with content, space has become an essential element, defining the design to keep the user happy.


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Website Design for Mobile Traffic

Now, in 2019, we are looking at something called Flat design. This is a very responsive-driven and clean design that loads fast and well on mobile devices, as well as on desktop. It also uses more than data heavy images to captivate and compel your audience to follow through on your call to action. Space, text, color and shape play an integral role in design that delivers speed and converts visitors to customers. Being attractive and easy to use is key.

Flat Design is a design aesthetic that revels in contrasting with space: bright colors, easy to read and strong fonts, and simply powerful images. What you want is to engage the eye and mind of your visitor quickly, keep them interested, and compel them through your well laid path to make the decision that, yes, you are whom they want to work with. An excellent user experience is just as important for a retail site as for a professional company.


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Website Design for Search Engine Optimization

Flat, responsive design is gaining in popularity because search engines are now requiring fast load speeds and content delivery. This is a high value for search engine optimization and can mean the difference between being found at the top of the first page, or not at all. For businesses that rely on referrals, this is equally critical for you. Response time and your professional appearance are always deciding factors, even for long-term, highly regarded relationships.

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Let’s get ready for your best year yet with key website trends for 2019.