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Website trends 2019 speed


Made a good impression or gone in 3 seconds?

Now is the time to review what, in your marketing, will give you the edge next year. If you want to see more profit in your yearend report, the first solution for your online visibility in 2019 is speed. Your Website must load and engage your audience in 2 seconds, because they will be gone in 3.’s and Akamai’s studies show 50% of users will wait only 2 seconds or less for a site to load and will leave yours for the competition by the time you count to three.


Building speed into your new Website

Speed is critical to the design and function of your Website. If you are looking at a rebuild, the actual design is integral to the speed of loading on your desktop, mobile or tablet. Mobile is still 75% of all traffic to the Internet and is growing. Designing a responsive Website requires an understanding of how to use the space to your best advantage. The more frills you add, the more bandwidth and time it takes before your message arrives in the hands of your target market.


Website Design 2019: Speed


Speeding up your old Website

Can you speed up your current Website? Yes. If you are really happy with the design and functionality of your Website, but it just takes to long to populate, there are numerous ways to speed it up. How fast is your DNS server? Do you have a native video that swirls and twirls and never really loads? Image and code dense? All of this can be alleviated with good web design and functionality practices.


Speed and your Google ranking

Speed is also an important factor to Google and where your Website ranks. It is Google’s business to deliver the sites that answer your search questions the best. This is what Google’s bots and AI look for in your Website:

  • Is it mobile friendly? (Mobile first is now the rule for Google search)
  • Does it load within 2 seconds? (Google’s July 2018 Speed Update impacts your ranking.)
  • Do people stay on it longer than 3 seconds? (Are they seeing what they want or are they gone in 3 seconds?)

Respecting the importance of speed in your marketing can bring you the best client ever. People who are ready to do business want to do it right now. This is why we consider speed one of the most important factors in Website trends 2019.


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