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Why your website needs an SSL certificate before July 2018.

Google says your website is unsafe unless you do the following…

Effective July 2018, Google will penalize you and mark your Website as not secure – just like they do if you have been hacked. To make sure that the world sees your website as a safe place to go, you only have to do one, small thing, install an SSL Certificate.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It protects your website with encrypted code that wards off most attempts at hacking and stealing your information.

When you see https://, this means that this website has a level of security. Be careful though, because, unless you bought an SSL key specifically for your own website, that https:// only means that your host server is protected. Your website must be individually protected.


The 4 key reasons why you need your own SSL Key:

1. Prevent Traffic Decrease. Without an SSL certificate, visitors to your website will see that you are not secure. Chrome conducts over half the traffic to the Internet, worldwide. Google owns Chrome. The infographic below shows that Chrome matters.

2. Stop Google De-Ranking. By penalizing you, Google red flags your website to discourage people from going to it. This de-ranking affects your positioning in Google and all the Search Engines. You will drop significantly from the top. And by the way, this action corresponds with the release of their new Chrome 66.

3. Avoid Warning Pages. Another way your website will be penalized is through the addition of an intervention warning page. This would be disastrous for anyone trying to reach you on the Internet. (FYI, there is a way for a visitor to get past this warning page. Simply click on ADVANCED and then click on PROCEED TO WEBSITE.) This page will serve to discourage anyone from visiting your website.

4. Increase Security. We have all seen the necessity for increased security. Cyber attacks even on major national institutions, as well as unprotected websites, have increased. To stay safe, you need to protect your Internet assets and avoid business interruption. Today, your reputation on the Internet is critical to your success.

This is why 81% of all websites on the Internet are protected with a Secure Socket Layer Certificate. (SSL Key) Make sure you are protected.

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