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Online Marketing

Today’s online marketing tip. You have heard the statement, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket?”  This is the most truthful statement right now in the online marketing industry. Technology is rapidly changing every day. No one can really know exactly how that change will look for sure. One of the things we do know, from observing the trends in the industry, is that we are moving toward voice search.

The average person checks his phone 46 times a day. We spend about 5 hours a day on their cell phones. An increasing number of cell phone users are actively doing their searches with their phones. You need to be very creative to command the top voice results given by Alexa, Suri, Cortana and askGoogle. So, the online marketing tip of the day simply reminds you that your “A Game” must cover all the bases.

Online Marketing

You’re “A” game must cover all the bases.

Do your research by trying different things to reach those who you want to connect with. Go about it in a manner that provides you with measurable results. Find out where your audience is “hanging out”, what they are interested in and care about. Put in place well thought out strategies with procedural instructions for your variances and what results you expect as an outcome. Have an implementation point, a checklist for accountability to standards, and chart your results. What accomplished your goals, what worked and what did not work. Then analyze your results to results to see if that is where you want to expand your energy.

Again, it is in your best interests to try everything; be it paid advertisement, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook. When you analyze your results, you will see what is working best for you. Be flexible though, as the market changes frequently.

We will continue with a closer look at 2018 online marketing identifying your market.