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Search engine optimization (SEO) means doing what it takes to be found when customers are looking for your product or service. With telephones came phone books with listings for people and businesses. But if you didn’t know a business name, how did you ever find it? The ‘yellow pages’ of business listings sorted businesses into categories which were the ‘keywords’ people used to search for services. But what if there were lots of companies in your category? How could you stand out?

Your business’ reputation is important, and being rated ‘A’ or ‘A-1’ is great for business. Some people even began to name their business by starting with ‘AAA’. They realized it implied a positive reputation and put them first on the list in the Yellow Pages business directory.

Today, being the first search result customers find is still important to business success. Technology is ever changing, and Internet marketing using the latest in search engine optimization (SEO) makes certain your business is found.

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