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Google+ For Business

?? Is Google Worth My Time??

To ask if anything Google for business owners is worthwhile would have invoked incredulous guffaws and know-it-all smirks, just a few months ago. Google anything is worthwhile, as long as it gives us service in exchange for the time, money, and energy we invest in it. However, with the termination of Google + for a security vulnerability to consumers, is Google+ for business worth our time with so many social platforms to choose from?

As Internet Marketers that have a great history of using content to it’s absolute best for our clients, we really have to weigh the pros and cons.

To us, we measure a “pro” as: Does it get our clients more exposure and improve their positioning in search results?

A “con” is: Did we spend a whole bunch of time figuring out how this awkward platform works, for no response what so ever?

Google+ For Business Can Be Worth Your Time

Here’s the bottom line, where your business profits; content is king on the Internet. The more valid, unique content that tells your story well and is found everywhere your target market is looking, the more likely that searcher will decide that you have the authority they are looking for, and check you out. When you are logged into your Google property, everything Google shows up in search first.

So, you know all that content you had on your personal G+ profile? Transfer it to your Google Brand account. Google’s Brand account is the new social face connected to Google My Business. With a function to post articles, it replaces the G+ for consumers. It is worth your time to synchronize all your Google properties because the more you control the information published about you on the Internet, the better your ranking and your Online Reputation.

If this is just more to take care of than you had bargained for, call us at 888-448-2932.

Content is our thing.