Brand Credibility

If you want to be the next Apple, what do you do to gain greater credibility?

Right now you may be thinking, playing at the level of Microsoft would be just fine. But, why not go for Apple? Apple’s brand is more than just a household name. It has a reputation of being the best, better than Microsoft. Microsoft compensates by showing up everywhere: Sports channels, millennial shows, Wired Magazine and any blog with readers who may be interested in their product.

You can establish your own, specialized and branded following. You don’t have to only borrow attention from personalities and readerships that have great followings.

Where is the attention you want for your product, book, etc.

“The ability to put a link on the page where people are seeing you talk about your product is really powerful,” ~ Mignon Fogarty, creator of Grammar Girl

That’s it. Simple. If your perfect audience can click and get what they want, they will. This is why radio interviews, national media (USA Today) and an email blast to a couple of hundred people do not bring in the results you want. Today’s public is reading blogs and posts on social media. That’s why newspapers, radio stations and TV stations have blogs; to stay in business.

What does it take to get this attention?

I am so glad you asked – A guest article on a blog or being featured by an Influencer in Instagram are really good methods. First, you borrow the influencer attention, and then establish your own faithful followers from them. You multiply your ROI 1,000 fold by having your own website and blog that people can click on to get more of your information, buy your product or service, and or subscribe to your feed. First, take care of yourself. Next, establish your Brand through online media channels that are interested in exactly what you offer.

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