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Really? Website design matters?


Have you seen websites that you say to yourself… “What were they thinking?” I do, every day. At least 3 websites that are so old and non-functional, I wonder if the company is even still in business. And I can tell you what they are thinking, that their website doesn’t really matter because historically, they have done most of their business through referrals and networking. … And the companies that feel their website looks just fine – they just never got any business from it…

Here’s why:

The last 20 years has taught me one thing very, very well. If you are not getting traffic and business through your website, it is because:

  • No one knows it exists – it is buried in Google.
  • It might as well not exist because it is illegible and impossible to navigate. The key information compelling the visitor to want to do business with you is just not there.
  • Visitors do not trust that you can handle their project because you are so far behind in technology, proclaimed by your most important marketing face, your website.

Consumers and Businesses judge your company based on the quality of your website, whether that’s fair or not. That’s why most websites convert only 0-1% of their traffic and the median conversion rate is only 2.35%. The top 25% of websites convert at least 5.31% of their traffic, whereas the top 10% convert more than 11%. Which category do you fall in?

What are the top 10% doing that no one else is?

Caring about what their website looks like, that it attracts their most profitable target market, and they keep refining their website design based on the performance analytics of the visitors.

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