DNS Hosting


We provide DNS Hosting for people buying their domain name and hosting through us.

We offer this service as a part of our hosting packages; if your hosting is elsewhere, we provide DNS hosting at a nominal monthly fee. Because you typed in your domain name and reached this page, we are your DNS hosting provider. Contact us at 888 448-2932 for further assistance.

How DNS Hosting works

You bought a domain name from a Registrar, an organization that reserves domain names. There are thousands of Registrars, some familiar ones are Network Solutions, Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy, NameCheap, Dreamhost, and Hostinger to name a few. They are accredited with ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

ICANN is a non-profit organization that coordinates and maintains how the Internet functions, including the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and the Domain Name System (DNS).

In your domain name, the Top-Level Domains or TLDs are what comes after the dot (.); so .com, .org, .net, and those TLDs assigned to countries.

Getting Directions While Surfing on the Internet

In your Computer

When people type a website domain name (URL) into the address bar of their browser, first the computer checks its hosts.txt file. Only your computer has this information, like a ‘little black book’ of private information. This directs the browser to your ISP in most cases.

At your ISP, Internet Service Provider

Then your computer goes to your Internet Service Provider and looks for information. Where is your domain name supposed to be? It goes to the Registrar, where your domain was purchased and DNS Hosting is located.

At Your Registrar’s DNS Hosting

DNS hosting directs incoming information requests. It can give direct information (go to this IP) or point to a nameserver, NS, which has the direct information. The information tells your browser the Internet Protocol, or IP address, ( for example) of your website host, and who provides your email service (MX or Mail Exchange records). These can be two separate providers.

Browser to Registrar to DNS Hosting to Website Host and Email Service Provider

DNS hosting makes sure website visitors and email reach the location where website files and email services exist. This also allows one domain name to forward to another domain name. DNS hosting can also point to a parked domain, a page the registrar provides that suggests other domain names related to yours, basically a sales page for the Registrar.

Wherever you need to go on the Internet, DNS hosting gets you there!

If your domain name came to this page, we are your DNS hosting provider. Contact us at 888 448-2932 for further assistance.