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Why is Content Marketing Important for Sales in 2018?

Content marketing is a strategy with an emphasis on creating and disseminating excellent information to attract a clearly defined audience. It answers their questions, and keeps them returning for more. Ultimately, it results in consumer actions that increase your profits.

Fresh, unique articles added frequently are the #1 game-changer. Your website stands a head above your competition and gets priority in search results when you choose useful content as the foundation for your marketing strategy.

Your business has a lot of competition online. Your website needs constant reinforcement to maintain a competitive edge with other websites. Google, Bing and Yahoo give priority in searches to the websites with the best information, catering to the consumers seeking top quality answers to their questions. Implementation happens by adding new articles and blog posts, using your social media network to proliferate your information across the Internet.

The goal is to inspire your potential clients read the article and click on a link that takes them to the next step. Once they learn more about the benefits of your services and why you have the best solutions, they are encouraged to request more information or call to schedule an appointment.

The Leading Brands Use Content Marketing

The top companies in the world use a content marketing strategy to establish their brand in the minds of their buying public. Why?

  • It is proven that great content leads to increased sales.
  • A well written article saves marketing dollars as a permanent destination through organic searches.
  • Consumers know they can depend on the brand to fulfil a need and develop strong loyalty.

Consumers are Intelligent

Consumers recognize when a website is being used to deliberately stuff keywords and sales material down their throats. They know “spam” when they see it.

Adding new content to your network several times per week is an extremely important element in maintaining your website’s high position in the search engines. Instead of inundating your viewers with sales pitches for your products and services, truly relevant and useful information builds their trust in you as to help them solve their issues.

Wouldn’t it be great if your customers looked forward to receiving your e-newsletters, emails, e-books and social media posts! What if they were so enthusiastic about what you sent that they read every word and shared it with their peers!

Marketing Experts Know Superb Content is Essential to Success

Your content marketing strategy is unique to your business because your information is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of your customers.

  • What challenges do you customers have that you can solve?
  • What makes your product or service the best solution?
  • What process does your consumer audience use to make purchases?
  • How can your content engage and re-engage customers throughout the process, leading them through your sales funnel?
  • How will your content align with your brand and values?
  • How can you tell your story in such a way that inspires consumers to develop their loyalty?

Your content represents your values and your mission. It reveals your core identity. It takes you across the threshold between the unknown and the known. It appears on your website, in your search engine optimization, your public relations strategies, your social media marketing, your sales funnels and all communications with the public. It is the key to driving inbound leads and sales. Content marketing is the heart of every marketing effort you will ever make.